Versatile environment full of challenges

Loretta Brown is working as Office Manager for Rijk Zwaan USA, where she is responsible for day-to-day matters. In this position she can help her colleagues and Rijk Zwaan partners to be successful.

Everything is possible

“I grew up in a small town in Georgia where my mother taught me that everything is possible. As long as you believe and work hard. I learned that the hurdles I had to take in my life only made me stronger, and that I should take nothing for granted.”

“When I started working in the breeding business, it was a complete new world for me. However, I felt right at home in this industry! Not only because we work on healthy and colorful products, but also because it’s such a versatile environment, where so many processes come together and so many challenges arise.”

Being compassionate

“In my personal work as well, every day is different. From changing a light in the office to processing customer complaints. Or just listening to people’s problems and worries, because being compassionate is also something that I learned from my mother. Accomplishing things is not always about your own success; it can also be helping someone else to be successful.”