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Thriving Cucumber Crops with the magic of Blue Leaf

Plants can vary in their ability to fend off diseases and pests. At Rijk Zwaan, we're experts at breeding for cucumber plants with a natural strong resistance. You can spot them by the Blue Leaf label. These unique cucumbers feature dark blue-green leaves, thanks to extra chlorophyll, promoting longevity in your cucumber crop. For instance, they exhibit delayed yellowing in the event of an infection with the cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus (CYSDV).

The magic of Blue Leaf…

Elevates photosynthetic activity

Blue Leaf varieties boast greener leaves, thanks to extra chlorophyll. This abundance helps them utilize light more efficiently during the cultivation period, promoting a healthier assimilation process in the plant.

Optimizes Crop Resilience

A green crop is more active and is therefore better able to cope with climate changes and attacks of diseases and pests.

Extends the growing season

The plants maintain better health and prolonged productivity due to increased root strength and an improved vegetative/generative balance.


The new standard
for every cucumber grower

Rijk Zwaan has developed Blue Leaf varieties tailored to meet the demands of every season and production region. Whether you prefer Long English, Slicer, Mini, or the charming Gherkin, our Blue Leaf varieties are available for different types of cucumbers. Take your crop management to new heights and select a Blue Leaf variety!
Keen to know more about our Blue Leaf cucumber varieties? Please contact our office
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Keen to know more about our Blue Leaf cucumber varieties? Please contact our office
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