Foodservice and retail customers are keen to secure a year-round supply of Canteloupe melons in a consistently high and uniform quality. This is now possible thanks to Rijk Zwaan’s Caribbean range of varieties. The varieties are identifiable by the name and the Caribbean sticker.

Uniform quality all year round

All Caribbean varieties have:

  • bright orange flesh
  • a demonstrably high natural sugar content (Brix)
  • a long shelf life
  • a thin rind
  • a smooth, even skin without indentations
  • a small seed cavity

Consistently high-quality fruits are available all year round thanks to different varieties for winter and summer production.

Good flavour and appearance, efficient processing

The Caribbean varieties ensure that Canteloupes are continuously available with a homogeneous standard of quality. This means that retailers no longer have to disappoint their customers and gives foodservice companies year-round access to a popular ingredient for dishes such as fruit salads. The bright orange flesh and the smooth skin lend the fruits an attractive appearance. These melons taste significantly sweeter than comparable melons.

Thanks to their smooth, thin rind and small seed cavity the Caribbean melons are easy to process and they yield 5 to 10 percent more flesh than regular varieties. 

Are you keen to know more about the Caribbean concept?
Joe Vandiver
Are you keen to know more about the Caribbean concept?
Joseph Vandiver
Crop Specialist