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Fresh cut solutions for your convenience

The growing demand for convenience is an important trend in the fresh vegetable industry, serving as a catalyst to boost vegetable consumption. Rijk Zwaan stands at the forefront with an innovative portfolio designed to empower growers and processors to deliver superior fresh-cut solutions that meet the evolving needs of consumers.

Specific traits

Fresh & appealing

Focus on all post-harvest aspects, ensuring an extended shelf life, maintaining a fresh appearance, preventing wilting, rotting, colour contrast, and discoloration. Prioritize appealing textures and flavours.

Easy processing and handling

Crops designed for robust performance: Our varieties boast traits like solid ribs in lettuce, Knox™ delayed pinking, and upright growing baby leaf varieties, ensuring resilience during mechanical harvesting, cutting, washing, and drying processes.

Waste reduction

Eliminating food waste throughout the supply chain begins with a healthy crop and resistance breeding, as seen with Fusarium Defense in lettuce, improved usability of individual fruits, as seen in melons, and extended shelf life, as shown by Knox, giving consumers more time to enjoy a fresh salad.

Longer shelf life means less waste

The best
fresh cut quality

Vegetable processing companies have a keen interest in reducing waste, extending shelf life, facilitating easier handling, and ensuring an appealing appearance. In the international convenience sector, Rijk Zwaan is recognized as an innovative and solution-oriented partner. Particularly in lettuce, mechanical harvesting is a significant trend, eliminating the need for factory processing.

A matter of collaborative

Choosing the right variety is a collaborative decision-making process. We actively exchange knowledge with our partners through our international network of convenience specialists. To ensure a successful end product, technical aspects are just as crucial as a variety's colour, flavour, and suitability for washing or shelf life. Factors such as high yield and a labour-friendly crop also play influential roles.
Please contact David about Convenience
Please contact David about Convenience
David Perie
Client Manager, Retail & Foodservice