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Industry varieties for efficiency and reliability

The market for processed vegetables is expanding globally, providing opportunities for retailers, food service providers, and manufacturers. Our close collaboration with chain partners allows us to gain valuable insights into the specific needs of these customer groups. This understanding forms the foundation for our breeding programs, empowering us to make strategic decisions tailored to their requirements.

Harvest the benefits of our Industry solutions

High yielding varieties

For a better return on investment

Predictable plant cycles

For a stable supply

Optimized plant architecture

For ultra efficiency in processing



Our range of industry vegetable varieties is bred for efficiency in processing, industry-specific yield windows, robust disease resistance, and excellent internal quality both pre- and post-processing. Many are also well-suited for efficient mechanical harvesting, thereby enhancing productivity for our partners.

Specific varieties for processing

Processing vegetables immediately after harvesting enables their goodness to be optimally preserved. Frozen, tinned, canned or dried vegetables form the basis for varied, easy-to-prepare and healthy meals. Rijk Zwaan offers varieties that are particularly suitable for immediate processing.


Our vegetable varieties for the processing industry have a high yield, effective resistances against diseases and a good internal quality both before and after processing. Our varieties for the industrial sector are also suitable for mechanical harvesting. Our varieties are also flexible, making them easy to fit into industrial production planning schedules. For example, they perform well under a wide range of different climate conditions and offer a wide harvest window (thanks to their high standing ability).

Certain sectors of the industry also benefit from traits such as a high concentration of natural colourings and aromas or a high dry matter content. We pay special attention to organic production.

Customers and our product range

Processed vegetables are a growing segment for retailers, food service and food manufacturers around the world. We understand the needs of these individual customer groups thanks to intensive contact with our chain partners. This enables us to make the right decisions within our breeding programmes.

We are continually expanding our product range for processors by adding more vegetable types. We work closely with our customers to achieve the best and most flavoursome products after processing. We are always on the look-out for new applications. Our aim is to provide consumers with a varied and healthy product offering.

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