Brand Label

Offer your customer a rich taste experience

Visibly tastier

Consumers naturally associate a rich, deep-red internal colour with superior taste and quality. At Rijk Zwaan, our tomatoes embody this ideal, easily recognizable by the vibrant Internal Red label.

Harvest the benefits of Internal Red

Attractive fruits

The deep-red hue of the flesh and core enhances the visual appeal of sandwiches and salads.

Happy customers

The taste of Internal Red tomatoes is as satisfying as its appearance, which stimulates repeat purchases and brand loyalty.

Added value

Internal Red allows you and your partners to develop a new product that stands out in taste and appearance.


Deep red plum tomato
finds favour with home cooks

European retailers have seen a surge in demand for plum tomatoes as ingredients for home-made soups and sauces. A similar trend is apparent in fresh meal kits, which often include this tomato type. The deep red Plumola RZ variety offers home cooks an even better fresh produce experience.

Brighten up your salads and sandwiches

A tomato’s colour affects people’s perception of its taste and quality. Consumers associate a deep-red internal colour with a high-quality, healthy and flavoursome tomato. Rijk Zwaan offers tomato varieties that stand out thanks to their attractive deep-red colour on the inside. They are identifiable by the Internal Red label. The colour is clearly distinct from the colour of standard tomatoes (in tests, the majority of respondents noticed the colour difference).

Colour and flavour

Thanks to their deep-red colour all the way through, the Internal Red varieties offer extra advantages in terms of use. They improve the visual appeal of sandwiches and salads, for example. The red colour strengthens consumer perception of the tasty flavour. The distinct and recognisable colour makes it easier for all chain partners to clearly position themselves in the high-quality segment.

  • Deep-red colour of the flesh and core.
  • Excellent flavour.
  • Yield, reliability, resistances and other production traits that meet all the standard criteria for our tomato varieties.

Ever-expanding range

This trait will be added to ever-more Rijk Zwaan tomato varieties and we will be launching Internal Red varieties in every production region in the coming years.

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