Piel de Sapo melons

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Rijk Zwaan USA

Small-format melons are in demand in the northern European market. Small Piel de Sapo melons are usually only available at the end of the harvesting period, but the quality of this late-harvested fruit is often below par.That’s why Rijk Zwaan has developed Mellissimo: special varieties for the markets that prefer compact melons. The melons weigh around 2 kg and have a consistently high quality and the same rich flavour as larger melons.


The compact types are identifiable by the Mellissimo logo. Strengths of the Mellissimo varieties include:

  • Consistently excellent flavour, high natural sugar content
  • Uniform, oval shape with ribbing lengthways
  • Characteristic Piel de Sapo skin colour: dark green with olive-coloured/light brown stripes
  • Varieties for various production regions
  • Good shelf life

Uniform and reliable

The Mellissimo types enable a year-round supply of compact melons that are uniform and reliable in terms of their flavour, appearance, convenient size and production stability. The brand name supports the chain-wide recognisability of the dependable quality. Rijk Zwaan’s small Piel de Sapo types open up opportunities to boost sales, especially in northern Europe.Rijk Zwaan provides growers with a crop manual for extra help during production. The rustic varieties from the Mellissimo concept deliver a reliable yield, thanks among other things to their extensive resistances against relevant diseases and a long harvest window. All our Piel de Sapo melons are suitable for organic production. 

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