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Rugose Defense

High resistance to ToBRFV
Elevate your crop strategy with our top-performing hybrid tomato varieties, now available under the Rugose Defense label.
INSV Defense

INSV Defense

High resistance to INSV
Rijk Zwaan's INSV Defense lettuce varieties offer protection against the Impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV), a threat transmitted by the western flower thrips.


The changing landscape of the pickling cucumber industry
A market that evolves continuously needs innovations. Each market seeks certain traits that help them to reach their best potential in terms of production and quality to meet the needs of the entire chain. A company such as Rijk Zwaan stands at the beginning of this chain: Rijk Zwaan breeds for new traits to cross in varieties to meet these needs. But how do they accomplish this? How do they stay informed about current events in North America while being active in so many different countries? What are key traits to focus on right now? And what does this mean for you – as a partner in this chain? Discover this when you delve into the article below.
Max Saad of RZH Canada and John DeVries of RZ Canada are excited to bring a new player in the Long English cucumber market!
Introducing the latest innovation in long English cucumbers from Rijk Zwaan: BLUERAY RZ, a promising new variety for high tech greenhouse growers.
Chiriaco RZ: The New Honeydew Melon with Irresistibly Sweet Flavor for Fresh Market and Processing
Introducing Chiriaco RZ, a new honeydew melon variety that excels in both quality and versatility. This dual-purpose melon is well-suited for both fresh market consumption and processing. One of its standout features is its concentrated setting, which allows for a bulk harvest in just a couple of picks. It allows for more efficient use of resources such as labor, fuel, and machinery, leading to cost savings for the grower.
Why Rijk Zwaan

Why Rijk Zwaan

We regard our customers as our partners and we strive to create win-win situations and the formation of long term partnerships.


In our quest for new and improved varieties, we take trends and demographic developments into account to identify the right priorities.